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Given the wide array of itinerary options out there, we understand that it can be little overwhelming for you to find something suitable. Therefore, to start with, we present you with some of our carefully selected itineraries, which, of course, can be tailored to your interests.

While your itinerary is pre-arranged, it also allows you the flexibility to move at your own pace. Bridge To Bhutan is happy to arrange special interest visits to out-of-the-way destinations, or special events and festivals. Draw on our unique passion to help sustain Bhutan and we will ensure that your travel to Bhutan is exciting and memorable.

B I I B offers various trips, both standard and customized for solo travellers and small groups. We recommend our time-tested itineraries for their flexibility and diversity.


Bhutan Explorer

13 days/12 nights

Journey through Magical Bhutan

a month-long spiritual excursion across the Kingdom

Glimpses of Bhutan

7 days/6 nights

Weekend Bhutan Getaway

4 days/3 nights


Punakha Festival 
Paro Festival

Thimphu Festival

Bumthang Festival


Bhutan Revelation

12 days/11 nights


Trailing Nomads

12 days/11 nights

The Enchanting Laya Gasa Trek

13 Trek days/12 nights

The Sacred Mount Jomolhari Trek

13 days/12 nights

The Druk Path Trek

9 days/8 nights

Haa - Saga La Trek

11 days/10 nights

 Nub Tshona Pata Lake
Nub Tsonapata Trek

12 days/11 nights

Samtengang Trek

8 days/7 nights

The Five-village wonder Trail

12 days/11 nights

Please note that the itineraries intend to give you a general idea of the trip schedule. It is entirely flexible and can be further customized if so desired. Actual activities may vary to take advantage of weather conditions, local events, and to let serendipity shape your experience. The itinerary is subject to change without notice, either before departure or during the trip. Due to frequent changes in DrukAir flight schedules, the possibility does exist that the order of events may vary from what is reflected herein. Factors such as weather, tour conditions, physical ability of the participants, preferences etc., may dictate itinerary changes either before departure or while on the tour. We also reserve the right to change this schedule in the interest of the trip participants’ safety, comfort, and general well being.

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