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Traveling Bhutan with Bridge To Bhutan is taking the journey with a twist. Bridge To Bhutan was founded by two brothers who wanted to combine work and passion. Even as it makes a historic transition, Bhutan is met with unique challenges. By advocating sustainable tourism, our intent is to be part of the solution by helping address some of these burgeoning issues related toour environment, culture and youth.

Being in the business, it's no surprise that our top priority is visitor care and personalized services; we care less about handling a large volume of visitors. Our tours and treks are not only cultural and sightseeing trips, but also offer a deeper spiritual experience. Therefore, most of our tours are education-oriented and provides room for "self-discovery."

Our guests are accommodated in comfortable hotels/guest houses approved by the government. To better understand the Bhutanese way of life, you will also have an option of living with families in rural homes and farm houses. Bridge To Bhutan is equipped with quality trekking gear, backed by knowledgeable guides and cooks, who can create various kinds of palatable cuisine. For those who wouldn't want to miss the experience, yet yearn for luxury accommodation, we arrange Boutique Travel as well. We work with several luxury resorts/hotels namely, Aman, Six Senses, Uma, Taj Tashi, Zhiwaling, and Le Meridien. Write to us for details.

But we take it even further. Under our program, Bridge To Bhutan Cares, we let you connect with people and issues that matter to you. We welcome you to be part of the solution...together we can make a difference!

There are two ways you can book a Bridge To Bhutan package tour:
a) Choose any of the tour programs and send us your passport details
b) Consult with us to create a customized trip and then send us your passport details

In keeping with the "high value-low impact/volume" sustainable tourism policy of our country, the government imposes a mandatory Sustainable Development Fee "SDF" of US $100 per person per night (Kids 6-12 years US$50 per night) which goes towards health, education, and environmental conservation projects.

Bridge To Bhutan | Adventures In Bhutan offers the best value for your money.

a) The hassle free and all inclusive base tariff for a group of 2 or more members is:
Base tariff: US$295 per person per night
For solo traveller and single occupancy: $380 per night

Surcharge applicable for treks (as in camping) and hotel upgrades

b) The daily package rate INCLUDES the following:
■ Private tour

■ All accommodations on twin sharing basis in clean standard hotels with attached bathroom or at homestays
■ All meals at the hotel and local restaurants

■ Visa fee to the government

■ Sustainable Development Fee "SDF" to the government
■ Services of an accompanying trip leader/tour guide
■ All transfers and sightseeing within Bhutan
■ Fees for museums and permits to enter temples & monuments

c) The daily package rate EXCLUDES the following:
■ Airfare
■ Travel insurance

■ Beverages

■ Small offerings at temples
■ Gratuity to tour guide and driver

■ Personal expenses such as laundry, phone calls, Spa.

d) The rates given above are applicable per guest per night in Bhutan.

e) The above rates apply uniformly irrespective of location and the type of accommodation provided/requested. All accommodation establishments are approved and monitored by the government.

Tourists are not permitted to travel freely without a tour guide in Bhutan. While all tours in Bhutan are pre-arranged, our itineraries offer ample flexibility. Tours to most parts of Bhutan can be arranged for an individual tourist and small groups of less than three persons in accordance with the travelers' interests and desires. Such tours are subject to a surcharge, over and above the minimum daily rates applicable, as follows:
Single individual - US$ 40 per night: Group of two - US $30 per person per night.

Yes, we are glad to extend you the following maximum discounts allowed on the nightly SDF:
a) There will be no charge for CHILDREN up to the age of 5 years, while those between the ages of 6 and 12 years, accompanied by elders/guardians, will be given 50% discount on daily rates.

Upon confirmation that the full payment for your trip's been received, your visa application will be processed by the government. You will need to fill out our Visa Application Form and email it to us along with a COLOR COPY of your passport. Bridge To Bhutan will apply on your behalf, and after approval, your "Visa Approval Letter" will be emailed to you. This process confirms your visa for Bhutan. Remember to PRINT and save a copy of this approval letter with your passport and NOT pack with your check-in luggage. The actual visa will stamped on your passport on arrival at the Paro International Airport.

The tour cost that you pay is not just a fee for entry to Bhutan. This cost is a package that covers all your accommodation, meals, land transportation, guides, sightseeing, inland permits and fees and not to forget the service rendered by Bridge To Bhutan to make your holiday a memorable one. If you are trekking, this sum covers all expenses for the treks, such as the cost of transport animals carrying your equipment and material, camping equipment, meals and transport. 

Working directly with Bridge To Bhutan will provide the greatest flexibility without compromising comfort and authenticity. The only way to visit Bhutan is by purchasing a package tour from a reliable and licensed tour operator at these rates. For the last 20 years, Bhutan has marvelously preserved its age-old traditions, sacred monasteries and temples. The pristine air and environment, without large cities and slums, add more value to Bhutan as a tourist destination. For many visitors, Bhutan is refreshing; since they find here something that many other countries lost years ago, and will probably not be able to retrieve again. Therefore, it would be best if you support our government's noble goal of sustainable high-value, low volume tourism, which all of our visitors enjoy when they come to Bhutan. We just can't afford to be like any other tourist destination. You will know once you arrive in Bhutan.

Yes, it may be possible. In any case, cheaper rates would inevitably lead to poorer customer service, as tour operators or touts would herd as many guests as possible in large groups, put them up in sub-standard hotels to cut expenses, and hire unqualified guides to haul their visitors around.

It is also in tandem with our mission to be both socially and economically responsible. Unlike most travel destinations around the world, Bhutan offers a unique opportunity for travelers to contribute significantly in sustaining the values of the destination that we all hold dear; in Bhutan's case, they are Bhutan's age-old tradition and culture, and its pristine environment. The moment you commit to visiting Bhutan, you become a proponent of responsible travel. In Bhutan, tourism is a major source of revenue, second only to hydro-electricity. It thus plays a major role in nation building. Add to that our personalized services, including our knowledgeable, government certified guides, and refreshing itineraries. Now that's priceless!

Our payments must be made at least two months before the start of a tour. The visa process will begin only after receipt of the full tour payment, as mandated by the government. Please click here for payment details.

Cancellation of a trip should be notified in writing directly to Bridge To Bhutan
Tour programs booked and subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:
a) 45 days or more prior to start of the tour - Full refund
b) 30-45 days or more prior to start of the tour - 20% of the rate
c) 22-29 days prior to start of tour - 30% of the rate
d) 15-21 days prior to start of tour - 50% of the rate
e) Less than 15 days prior to start of tour- 100%
f) After arrival in Bhutan, or cancellation without notice - 100%

A separate administration fee of $75 will be applicable for all cancelled tours.

Your flight tickets, if bought, are governed by a separate Drukair cancellation policy. Drukair tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue and are subject to the following cancellation and refund rules:
a) Full refund (minus administration charges) for tickets cancelled more than 45 days prior to arrival date in Bhutan
b) 50% refund for tickets cancelled between 30 and 45 days prior to arrival date
c) No refund for tickets cancelled within 30 days of arrival date in Bhutan
d) An administration fee of $25 per ticket will be applicable for all cancelled tickets
e) Passengers who fail to show up for a flight will not be eligible for a refund
f) Flights can be rescheduled for a $30 re-booking fee; however, once rescheduled, tickets are non-refundable and non-reroutable
g) Lost tickets are non-refundable

There shall be no SDF charge for the number of days of delay in the departure of visitors due to bad weather conditions, Drukair problems or road blocks. However, you will be charged any actual expenses for accommodation, food, transportation and any other services required.

For individual travelers and a group of less than three persons, we use Toyota and Hyundai cars and SUVs. For groups of 3-6 persons, we have Toyota Hiace buses. For larger groups, we use Deluxe Toyota Coaster buses.

We arrange the best available accommodation in each valley for our guests. These may not be comparable with multi-star hotels in developed countries, but will be clean and comfortable, with proper bathroom facilities and a good range of food. They are selected for their character and accessibility to interesting experiences. Bhutan's tourism infrastructure is in its infancy, which is one of the country's greatest draws, but it doesn't make for the most luxurious accommodation. Expect traditional Bhutanese style lodges with private bath, but without air conditioning or central heating. As a Bridge To Bhutan guest, you will also get to stay in farm houses/home stays, experiencing rural Bhutan and its rustic lifestyle. Farmhouses are very basic with no attached bathrooms. Nevertheless, they can be a fun experience and a great insight into traditional Bhutanese lifestyle. Of course, upon extra payment above the minimum tariff, you also have an option to stay in the few boutique hotels/luxury resorts in Bhutan. Please indicate your interest while communicating with us.

Spring and fall are usually the best times in Bhutan as far as weather is concerned. You will get spectacular views of the mountains with clear blue skies in winter and the best diversity of fauna and flora in the spring. In July and August there is more precipitation due to the famous monsoons. Nonetheless, these months are ideal if you like to be alone and you don't want to get bumped into other tourists. You will still enjoy fabulous scenery and above all experience greater flexibility, be it the guide, accommodations or the type of vehicle used.

There are no direct long-haul flights to Bhutan. The best way to enter and exit Bhutan is by:

Drukair, the national air carrier, which links Bhutan’s only airport at Paro Valley with:
Thailand - Bangkok
India - New Delhi, Kolkata, Gaya, Bagdogra, and Guwahati
Nepal - Kathmandu
Bangladesh - Dhaka

Bhutan Airlines, which links Paro airport with:
Thailand - Bangkok
India - New Delhi and Kolkata
Nepal - Kathmandu
Bangladesh - Dhaka

You will have to buy international plane ticket and book hotel room in any of the above gateway cities that you choose to connect to Drukair.

Travelers checks are a safe way to carry your funds although they can sometimes be more difficult to change than
cash. VISA and MasterCard are now acceptable in selected ATM's and POS terminals. It is a good idea to always have a back-up of cash. We therefore recommend that you bring as much cash as you feel comfortable carrying. You may want the extra cash for incidental costs like shopping, drinking, tipping, etc.

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