US City takes cue from Bhutan

Seattle trying to achieve ‘Gross National Happiness’
Courtesy: King 5 News, Seattle, WA 

It’s one of the most isolated nations in the world, nearly a quarter of the population lives in poverty and they’ve only had television for twelve years. So why are the people of Bhutan so happy, and why does the City of Seattle want us to be more like them? Continue reading US City takes cue from Bhutan

Agriculture Ministry returns about five acres land to landowners

The land occupied by the Paro Valley Area Development Project was finally handed over to the landowners today. It was handed over by the Agriculture Minister Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho to the Member of the Parliament from Lamgong-Wangchang constituency in Paro, Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuck. 

The land was acquired by the Department of Agriculture in 1990 from 13 farmers under Shari geog in Paro to establish the Paro Valley Area Development Project. The Department of Agriculture paid the farmers Nu. 653 per decimal as compensation. But subsequently, attempts to change the land ownership failed due to disputes over the provision of access road to landowners along the project boundary and demarcation and fencing of the land acquired by the project.  Continue reading Agriculture Ministry returns about five acres land to landowners

Fighting fire with fire

The government of Bhutan is planning to offer discounts on electricity and water to fire volunteers in a new scheme launched in Thimphu yesterday.

The Ministry of Agriculture held a workshop with the theme, “Reducing forest fires through volunteerism” and released guidelines for burning agricultural debris. Agriculture Minister, Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho, issued certificates of appreciation to all the volunteers.

“People think forests are the responsibility of the forest department and the government. They never think they are ours. They belong to all of us. It is our collective responsibility to protect our forests,” he said. Continue reading Fighting fire with fire