Performance Compact signing by Ministries

December 9, 2009

Today, the Royal Government of Bhutan makes a pledge – to significantly improve gross national happiness of its population by delivering to its citizens social and economic growth over the 10th plan period. This initiative is specifically aimed at generating respectful employment for 75,000 people, transforming delivery of public services like education and healthcare while institutionalizing a culture of good governance.

To this end, each ministry will sign a performance compact defining the most important initiatives they will undertake over the next 3 years, holding themselves accountable to specific targets. This historic performance compact is symbolic of a commitment that each ministry is making to both the Prime Minister and the citizens. Specific targets have been set and will be measured and monitored on regular frequency by the PFU (Performance Facilitation Unit). The Prime Minister will be briefed on a weekly basis and will take decisions to expedite progress.

The Ministry of Health, Ministry of IC (for civil aviation) and the Tourism Council of Bhutan have formally signed a performance compact with the Prime Minister today outlining their aspirations.

The Ministry of Health commits to meeting Bhutan MDG goals by 2013, 2 years ahead of schedule; providing access to healthcare for each citizen within one hour using ICT enabled services; improving quality of services by transforming its hospitals and above all to instilling a culture focused on patient needs. The Tourism Council commits to making Bhutan a premium, exclusive destination of choice, attracting 100,000 ecological and culturally conscious tourists and generating employment for 25,000 people with corresponding GDP growth.

During the last four months the ministries and McKinsey have jointly developed a roadmap for the future. McKinsey has developed an analytical fact–base, brought in deeper understanding of global best practices and designed specific programs for each initiative area to help achieve national objectives. The government has carefully considered and debated all program proposals, and adopted those best suited to Bhutan’s development vision.

The government will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of this initiative and seek suggestions from all citizens.

Source: Performance Facilitation Unit, Gross National Happiness Commission via Tourism Council of Bhutan

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