Michael J Fox-The “Incurable optimist” in Bhutan

IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS – Coming to terms with a concept in their own ways

Canadian-American actor, Michael J Fox, is currently in the country shooting a documentary entitled, ‘Michael J Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist’. The documentary follows Fox as he travels the world in search of happiness and the reasons that make people happy. 

“I’d read about Bhutan. I was really intrigued by the concept of gross national happiness, and I wanted to see if it really was what it was reported to be,” the star of such worldwide hits as the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy told Kuensel.

“Bhutan sets an excellent example,” said Michael J. Fox. “The fourth King and the government have been very wise and the people have been very smart and responsible in the way that they’ve responded to their leadership. I hope that y’all are aware of the gift you’ve been given, about where you live and how beautiful it is, and also how you’ve taken care of it.”

He said that, although he was not a Buddhist, his visit to Bhutan and the development policy of Gross National Happiness had reinforced his own personal philosophy about being optimistic and positive about the future. Fox said he hoped Americans would learn from his documentary that being positive was a universal trait, especially during the current economic recession.

Michael J Fox is a four-time Emmy awardee and a one-time golden globe winner and has also starred in the Spin City series. The documentary is set to air on ABC on Thursday, May 7.

By: Gyalsten K Dorji
Source: Kuenselonline

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