Punakha Domchoe concludes


The annual Punakha Tsechu begins today following a three day domche. The Punakha Domchoe ended yesterday with Norb Chu Sha Ne or the symbolic immersion of the sacred relic into the Mochu River. 

Decked in colorful ghos and kiras, the people of Punakha and other nearby dzongkhags flocked to the Punakha Dzong to witness the final day of the Domchoe. The highlight of the final day of the three day Domchoe was the symbolic immersion of sacred relic into the river.

The ceremony brings to life a historical event which took place about 400 years ago. An invading Tibetan force had come to forcibly take back the sacred Ranjung Khasar Pani. The Zhabdrung hid the sacred relic in the sleeve of his robe and threw a fake one in the river. The Tibetan force believing that the relic has been lost for ever went back home. 

As the venerable Dorji Lopen symbolically immersed the relic, swimmers braved the swift flowing river to catch the oranges. 

It is an elaborate ceremony with villagers dressed as Pazaps performing chams both inside and outside the dzong. 

The Tsugla Lopen of the Central Monastic Body Samten Dorji said the ceremony of Norb Shu Chu Ne is a very sacred and an integral part of the Puna Domchoe. 

The annual Domchoe is dedicated to Yeshey Goenpo or Mahakala, one of the main protective deities of the Kingdom. It was instituted by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in the 1646 as expression of gratitude to the nation’s protective deities. 

Today, the annual Punakha Tshechu began at the courtyard of the dzong.


Source: BBS

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