Water scarcity threatens three villages in Trongsa

With their only drinking water source drying up quicker than they imagined, farmers in three villages in Langthel gewog, Trongsa are being threatened of drinking water shortage.

Villagers from Bezam, Ngormey and Sheling in lower Trongsa said that they had to skip meals sometimes because there was not enough water for all the households. Although the government had, under the rural water supply scheme, provided drinking water to the three villages, the source was not reliable, according to villagers.

“The water is not enough, the source is not reliable,” said Jigme, a 70 year-old farmer from Ngormey pointing to a dry tap in front of his house. “The tap remains like this (dry) for weeks. There is not enough water to even cook meals.”

A few years ago, the dzongkhag provided drinking water from a source in Shamyungma. It dried up soon and the source was shifted to Cherangla bung, located above the Sheyling lhakhangs. “The present source is on the verge of drying up,” said another farmer. “The water doesn’t reach the villages bellow as monks at Sheyling lhakhang are also sharing the same water,” said the farmer, Yeshi.

The villages are not only affected by drinking water shortage. Farmers said that that because of shortage of irrigation water, they have stopped paddy cultivation. “The land is now not suitable for paddy cultivation. We have resorted to wheat instead since it requires less water,” said a farmer.

By: Nima Wangdi

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