Community Forest – Sowing the seeds of GNH

100th Community Forest handed over to Limbu people as part of centenary celebrations

9 October, 2008 – The social forestry division under the agriculture ministry handed over the 100th community forest on October 6 as part of the celebrations of 100 years of Monarchy in Bhutan.

The 100th community forest, Woongbab community forest, was handed over in Thimphu to the management group of Limbu gewog, Punakha.

Agriculture minister, Lyonpo Dr. Pema Gyamtsho, said that giving an opportunity for local communities to participate in decision making and management of resources was the only policy that promotes all four pillars of Gross National Happiness. Continue reading Community Forest – Sowing the seeds of GNH

Wake Up! PM Tells the World


Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, just six kilometers away from the collapsing stock markets of Wall Street, Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley called the world leaders to break away from the shackles of the powerful market forces.

“Economic wellbeing is not human wellbeing,” he told the Assembly on Friday, as heads of nations listened to a voice asking the world to cooperate and not compete.

Standing behind a marble podium bearing the UN logo as the first democratically elected prime minister of Bhutan, the small Bhutan flag pin shone in contrast to the simple black gho he wore.

“We need to wake up from our narcissistic slumber and self-indulgence,” he told the 63rd session of the Assembly. Continue reading Wake Up! PM Tells the World

Resort Business Boom in Paro

Tashi Namgay resort – New resort opposite Paro airport

29 September, 2008 – The resorts business in Paro has gained steam with more than 30 percent of the country’s resorts and hotels for tourists already in the valley and about 19 more under construction.

But do they have enough customers to survive? Many of these resort and hotel owners are private individuals and families who already own properties in Paro. Some of them manage to survive with a limited number of tourists coming in a year, say one of the resort owners. Of the 101 resorts and hotels approved by the tourism council this year, Paro has the highest number with 30. Continue reading Resort Business Boom in Paro