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The Realization
As much as we applaud our government's ingenious effort to ensure a sustainable Bhutan, we understand that the tourism industry cannot solely rely on the government's "high value, low volume" tourism policy. As it is, with sharp increase in the number of tourist arrivals, the policy is already becoming inadequate. We must play our part. As concerned citizens of Bhutan, we take the obligation to preserve our culture and the environment very seriously.

The founders recognized the enormous potential of Bhutan’s fast growing tourism industry to either make or break the nation that we are. With their diverse backgrounds in tourism (ten years), sustainable development (seven years), and the environment (three years), the brothers are determined to be part of the solution.

The travelers have the desire not only to travel, but also to give back and immerse in a culture that is foreign to them; similarly, the Bhutanese hosts, have the desire to connect with these travelers in their own capacities. Our idea is to bridge these two desires together while delivering an experience that is only unique to Bridge To Bhutan.

The very assets that make Bhutan unique must be available for our children to enjoy in times to come.

The Inception

The Realization

The Commitment

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