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The Commitment
Bridge To Bhutan was founded with a notion to uniquely connect people, nature, and spirit while helping promote and preserve Bhutan's precious cultural and environmental assets and empowering the locals. Our mission is one that is holistic in nature. We understand that it is in the interest of everybody, including the traveler, the villager, and Bridge To Bhutan, to appreciate and preserve Bhutan for what it is. The over-arching goal of Bridge To Bhutan, therefore, is to foster "win-win” partnerships by fulfilling these objectives:

1) Planning and delegating the best services to our discerning travelers
2) Providing travelers with an opportunity to establish a lifetime personal connection with Bhutan
3) Engaging communities and villagers through employment and profit sharing
4) Preserving cultural heritage, namely architecture
5) Becoming environmentally adept

And that’s Bridge To Bhutan’s commitment. Join us on our journey towards sustainable Bhutan!

Characterized by a “feel good experience,” Bridge To Bhutan journeys offer best value for your money and time.

The Inception

The Realization

The Commitment
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